Track Email Delivery

Review an email’s delivery route. This can be useful if you need to locate problems with email delivery. This interface displays reports about email message delivery attempts from your account and allows you to trace message delivery routes. You can also use this feature to trace an message’s delivery route, which can help you to identify message delivery issues.

Search for the status of an email address’s message delivery attempts

By default, this interface lists the 250 most recent message delivery failures to and from your cPanel account’s mailboxes.

To view the status of message delivery attempts, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter a recipient email address in the Search text box.
    • To display all of the account’s messages, do not enter an address in the Search text box.
  2. Click Show All to refresh the results in the Delivery Report table and the Email Server Trace diagram.
    • To display only the delivery failures, click Show Blocked & Failed.

The Delivery Report table

The system sorts your query’s results into the following columns:

The system retains this data for the amount of days that you specify for the The interval, in days, to retain Exim stats in the database (Minimum: 1; Maximum: 365,000) option in the Stats and Logs section of WHM’s Tweak Settings interface (Home >> Server Configurations >> Tweak Settings).

Table Options

Record selection

To filter the records by result, select any of the following checkboxes:

  • Show Successes
  • Show Deferred
  • Show Failures
  • Show In-Progress

You can also select the maximum number of results to display from the Max Results By Type menu.

Column selection

To select the columns that you wish to display or hide in the Delivery Report table, click Table Options. A new window will display.

  • To display information, select the checkbox.
  • To hide information, deselect the checkbox.

From the Table Options window, select or deselect the checkboxes for the following column headers:

The Email Server Trace diagram

This diagram displays the sent email’s delivery route from its source to its destination. Under the Legend heading, the following four icons display: